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Frequently Asked Questions

We typically run two events a year that are part of the AMA Vintage Dirt Track National Series.  These events do require AMA cards, the remaining events do not require AMA cards, or any other kind of membership card

When Mid-America first openend, we had regularly scheduled practice nights on Wednesday nights, and unfortunately the turnout did not justify the time, or the manpower required to hold them.  Secondly, all of the staff at Mid-America volunteers, and we were not able to get to the track early enough to prep the track properly, which most liklely affected the turnout.  If we schedule a practice day, we will post in on the schedule page.

We run all of our regular classes at every event, other than our first round of the AMA Vintage Dirt Track National Series as this is a Friday Night event.

Mid-America is one of the few tracks that posts our payout chart on our website, and at registration.  We pay a minimum of 1 place for every three riders.  Please refer to the "Classes" page on this website to view the payout table. 

We often announce that we are paying a bonus in one of the trophy classes throughout the season.  Typically this is $100, but can vary.  This is a bonus, so the rider is still eligible for their regular winnings.  If we announce that a certain calss is getting "X" number of dollars to win, than that is the amount paid.  Typically this is for our regular money classes, but can change.  If you are not sure, please ask during signup.