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What is Gonzocross?

We are not completely sure yet but we have one goal:  FUN.....     How can we go wrong?  The riders get to play with their bikes all afternoon while the wife and kids go to the fair.  Dirt bikes and Corn Dogs, we are already winning.

So we plan on building some sort of race course, it is going to be a fun easy track.  Yes the word "EnduroCross" has been used, but that is not accurate, the GonzoCross course will be much easier and we won't use any big bike eating rocks, safe for you, safe for your bike.

As the racing progresses through the show, we will gradually make the track tougher and tougher.  We don't have details yet, but expect a bunch of fun easy riding early and some trickier riding coming at the end.

Grandstand passes are $5, pit passes are $10, and entry fees are $25 per class.  Signups are from 4:30-6:30.  Everybody will be given one sighting lap at 6:30, and heats will start at 7:00.  Everybody will get two heats, and the second heat will be the tie breaker.  


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